Trisio Lite 2 Features


Entry-level & Cost-Effective Virtual Tour Camera

Trisio Lite 2 automatically generates images that are ready to be used on different devices, without you needing to process those images.


Innovative Single-lens Design for 360° Shot

Trisio Lite 2 will help you to easily capture 360 images, just by using trisio360camera app on your mobile device. ( iOS &/or Android)


8K 360° Camera with Great Instant Stitching

Trisio Lite 2 uses commercial lenses so you can precisely capture the ambient light of any indoor space and get 8K, 32MP high resolution images.


AnyScene & NodeRotate Technology

The camera solves the brightness suppression and darkness compensation problems and accommodates the panoramic shooting of complex light environments. The built in precision-motor allows the camera to rotate by itself.


Get GOTHRU PRO Plan for 6 Months

Have access to GoThru tools for free, for a 6 month period.

Node Rotate Technology

Don’t hide while shooting a 360 image. Rotate around your Trisio and be stress free about the fear of your camera falling and breaking.

How to use
Trisio Lite 2


Trisio Lite 2 & GoThru Street Editor simple Workflow


Created with Trisio Lite 2

Fast and Affordable Trisio Lite 2 bundled with GoThru is the perfect match to capture Homes, Google Street View or for documenting construction sites. Simply pair the Trisio Lite 2 with GoThru Street Editor and start creating stunning Virtual Tours.

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