Trisio Lite 2 Features


Entry-level & Cost-Effective Virtual Tour Camera

Trisio Lite 2 automatically generates images that are ready to be used on different devices, without you needing to process those images.


Innovative Single-lens Design for 360° Shot

Trisio Lite 2 will help you to easily capture 360 images, just by using trisio360camera app on your mobile device. ( iOS &/or Android)


8K 360° Camera with Great Instant Stitching

Trisio Lite 2 uses commercial lenses so you can precisely capture the ambient light of any indoor space and get 8K, 32MP high resolution images.


AnyScene & NodeRotate Technology

The camera solves the brightness suppression and darkness compensation problems and accommodates the panoramic shooting of complex light environments. The built in precision-motor allows the camera to rotate by itself.


Get GOTHRU PRO Plan for 6 Months *

Have access to GoThru tools for free, for a 6 month period.

*Only for new GoThru users who do not have existing accounts

Node Rotate Technology

Don’t hide while shooting a 360 image. Rotate around your Trisio and be stress free about the fear of your camera falling and breaking.

How to use
Trisio Lite 2

  • Install the Quick Plug-in on your tripod.
  • Install trisio360camera app on your mobile device (iOS & Android) and login. Click the red shooting button.
  • Click “Connect” and allow the Trisio camera access to your pictures.
  • Return to the Trisio app interface to have the connection displayed and start capturing.

Trisio Lite 2 & GoThru Street Editor simple Workflow


Created with Trisio Lite 2

Fast and Affordable Trisio Lite 2 bundled with GoThru is the perfect match to capture Homes, Google Street View or for documenting construction sites. Simply pair the Trisio Lite 2 with GoThru Street Editor and start creating stunning Virtual Tours.

Real Estate

Indoor Playground

Training Center


Trisio FAQ’s

Can I use Trisio Lite 2 for creating virtual tours for Real Estate?

Yes, capture the images with Trisio (which stitches the images and creates the 360 photos) and upload them to your GoThru account. Use the Real Estate template and have a detailed virtual tour of the house

Can I use Trisio to capture images for inside businesses and publish them to Google Street View?

Yes, Trisio is the right camera for starting a business on capturing the inside of the businesses and with GoThru platform to publish the virtual tours to Google Street View.

Do I need to stitch the images to create 360 images?

No, the 360 images are automatically stitched by Trisio Lite 2.

Does Trisio provide RAW images?

Because the camera is capturing HDR images and it is auto-stitching them to create the 360 images, there is no RAW capability.

Can I create a 360 video with Trisio?

Trisio Lite 2 is designed with one lens that rotates 360 degrees. Because of this design, the camera is not capable of creating a 360 video. But this makes the camera perfect for 360 photos (Real Estate, Inside Businesses, Construction etc)

Can I download and check the images taken with Trisio Lite 2?

Yes, you can download the images. Here is a sample of the original files from Trisio, with no processing Here is a link of the 360 images in a tour created with GoThru