4k 360 Video Features

You can get creative with 360 video, GoThru allowing you to add a logo, a background music, a time for the slide and the most awesome thing is that you can even select your desired FOV (Field ov View). The video can be made of up to 30 panoramas, so plently of images to showcase big spaces. The tool is user friendly and it offers the following options:
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Arrange the panoramas in the preferred order, by drag and drop
Add a customized logo
Picked the desired slide time
Easily download the mp4 format within the same web page or from the received email
Add music on the background - your own music or the one from the database (it has copyright protection)

Create 4k 360 Video in 4 Easy Steps


Upload Stitched Panoramas

The Gothru Navigator allows you take virtual tours of properties, veneues and other physical spaces offline and navigate within a tour even without an internet connection.

Order Panoramas and select POV

Lock the app ot only one tour so you can approach and show your potential buyers a virtual tour with no trouble using Gothru Navigator looking feature.

Add background music & slide tim

Explore by moving between panoramas within a tour using navigation arrows.

Create 4k 360 video in less than 5 min

Jump straight to that place in the tour that most interests you, using the tour menu, with direct links to specific areas.

4k 360 Video Benefits

Awesome 4K image quality
Easy to embed it on Facebook and websites
Facebook increased exposure
VR Compatible on Youtube
Great tool for marketing campaigns
Interactive technology