The Best Virtual Tour Creator

GoThru Tour Creator helps you build a layer of information on top of your panoramic images, taken with any 360 cameras, from DSLR to Ricoh Theta and Insta360. With the help of this layer anyone can easily navigate the virtual tour. GoThru offers you a multitude of themes and tools allowing you to build a unique experience for your virtual tour.

Side Menu Plugin

Build a detailed Side Menu and group areas as sub-menu elements, allowing your clients to easily jump to key places in the virtual tour.

Multi Language

Are your clients speaking more than one language? Our Editor allows you to work with more languages as easy as downloading a file, translating it and uploading it back. No need to edit each element, one at a time.

Carousel Plugin

Use the gallery style menu, for a fast visual preview of the key areas of your virtual tour. It is a great tool for Real Estate tours.

Progress Web Application(PWA)

Install the virtual tour on your iOS or Android device as a native application and access it offline.

Statistics Dashboard

Track the usage of your virtual tour and see what people are clicking on (hotspots, navigation, menu) and have a better insight of your audience and how it engages with your virtual tour.

Sample Tours

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Freequently Asked Question

Can I download the virtual tour?

Yes, GoThru offers the tools to download the panoramas and also to download the virtual tour so you can host it on your server or on your client’s server.

How are virtual tours useful?

Virtual tours help people to navigate a location just like being there. Clients will have an idea of how the business looks outside and inside before visiting it.

Do Virtual Tours help sell houses?

Yes. The client can virtually walk inside a house almost like being there. If VR glasses are being used the experience is more realistic.

What Virtual Reality devices can I use to display my tour?

Experience your Virtual Tour in VR mode using our native applications for VR devices like Meta Quest or Google Cardboard (GoThru Navigator for Android & IOS).

Can I save a virtual tour on my computer?

GoThru offers the possibility to download your Custom Virtual Tour and host it on your server or on your client’s server.

What happens with my Custom Virtual Tour if I stop my subscription?

The links to the Custom Virtual Tours will stop working and you will have the following options: pay per tour; download the Custom Virtual Tour and host it on your side.