Blue Line

How to change a blue line tour to blue dots

In some cases, it may be required to change the tour type. For instance, If you find that Google has failed your blue line, you can change the blue line into blue dots manually

Google Blue Line Tour

The Google Blue Line tour is a series of sequence panoramas that are not associated with any business and are for a street or path.

How to Moderate a Blue Line constellation created with Street Builder

In this tutorial you will learn how to Auto Connect and use the Adjust Heading function to moderate a Blue Line tour.

How To Create A Blue Line Tour Via The 360 Video Pipe Line Using GoThru

In this tutorial we are exploring how to create a Blue Line on Street View via the 360 video pile line using GoThru.

How To Create A Blue Line On Street View From Individual Panoramas With Gothru

In this tutorial you are exploring how to create a Blue Line on Google Street View from individual panoramas using GoThru.