360 Video

How To Create A Slideshow Video That Spins 360 Degree On Each Of Your Panoramas

In the Walkthrough Video create screen, there are two video options you can create - walking video or slideshow video. Walking creates a video that walks you through connected panoramas and slideshow creates a video that rotates you 360 degrees on each selected panorama.

How To Create A Walkthrough Video From Your 360 Panorama Images

Walkthrough Video allows you to create a video from the panoramas in your virtual tour that you can easily put on a website or publish it on any social media like YouTube, Facebook or Instagram etc.

How to create a GoThru 360 video with a logo bumper

The 360 Video create screen is where you convert your virtual tour into a 360 video. You can select multiple panoramas, rearrange panoramas, select the music, and the number of seconds per slide.