GoThru Profile Page

Under the profile page, you can access your account information, change your account attribution, Upload a Nadir , Set up API integration, Sync with Google Drive and add more SV accounts.

GoThru User Interface

GoThru Moderator is the only moderator outside of Google that provides the technology to create a constellation out of panoramic images and be published directly on Google Maps and the Street View Application.

GoThru Dashboard

Within the dashboard, you can access GoThru`s important information from tutorial video, latest update from GoThru, account and tour statistics, Help and support, FAQ and GoThru panorama stitching services.

How to add a Mirror Ball nadir

GoThru Nadir Manager now allows you to put a mirror ball nadir below out from your panorama. As you can see in the figure below.

How to report losing all your Street View contributions

Google sometimes deactivates your street view accounts by mistake. It has an algorithm that looks for unusual activity and sometimes that script deactivates wrong accounts.

How to change a blue line tour to blue dots

In some cases, it may be required to change the tour type. For instance, If you find that Google has failed your blue line, you can change the blue line into blue dots manually

How to delete your 360 photos using your Contribution Page on Google Map

In this tutorial, you will learn how to delete a photo you’ve shared on Google Maps.

How to embed a virtual tour with different starting panorama

Here are some simple steps on how to embed an overlay virtual tour with a different starting pano.

How To Associate a PlaceId to Individual Panoramas

GoThru features a function for easily connecting multiple GMB pages together to one Street View Tour using the place IDs.

How To Install GoThru Plugin To Your WordPress Page

With GoThru plugin, your portfolio is automatically imported into your WordPress website and kept updated with all your newly published businesses.